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Honey Puppy, a new Vancouver-based project, delivers their debut single “Back to Me” by way of True Sound Records. By combining the skillsets of two budding producers, Koji Aiken and Chris Marks, the Honey Puppy project has a collective 10+ years of music production experience. While Aiken and Marks produce the project’s aural expression, a third contributor, Ty Farrago, creates Honey Puppy’s visual deliverables. Drawing inspiration from the likes of INZO, Flume and Louis The Child, Honey Puppy have developed their own signature style. With an appreciation of atmospheric dance music and the ability to blend pop vocals with unique production elements, Honey Puppy have found their niche. While “Back to Me” marks their first release, Honey Puppy are motivated to make a lasting impact on the electronic dance music landscape.


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