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Sadgangsta is an artist alias created by Arjun Sharma. Raised in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area; Sadgangsta has been an avid fanatic and producer of various EDM genres since 2011. Arjun has worked with Digital Media Academy at the University of British Columbia; working as a program specialist for electronic music production; in their summer tech camp programs. Arjun first started performing as a DJ with Vancouver company; in small bars in Downtown Vancouver.

After joining and completing Cosmic Academy in the summer of 2021, Sadgangsta started signing his first records; notably with True Sound Records for his first release “From You”; and a couple others soon to come for a two track Dubstep EP featuring epic loony bin styles drops and emotional intros.

Sadgangsta is a promising act equipped to take on festivals, parties, and all kinds of rave gigs; coming out of Vancouver and working on hard on new content as always. Follow Sadgangsta on Instagram @sadgangstagram where he uploads self-released music and links to other digital content of his own and of his peers.


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