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Nicard0 is a solo artist expressing his journey with various emotions in life through music. The Canadian music producer, Nico Robles, is known for his melodious signature future bass music and quickly hit the ground running with his successful releases, "Yours (feat. Sean Lyons)" and "Don't Let Us Die (feat. LANES),” which helped create a name for himself. His single, “Yours (feat. Sean Lyons)”, received over 8 thousand listeners on Spotify and was awarded by SKIO Music and Proximity #1 Future Bass Song for the months of July and August. Additionally, "Don't Let Us Die (feat. LANES)” was featured on ElectroDanceMixes Top Summer Dance Music of 2020 on Youtube. Nicard0 began playing the guitar at the age of ten and later played various instruments in his school band program who now is able to play the guitar, piano, and other instruments he incorporates in his music. He continues to progressively experiment with his sound and pushes the boundaries of future bass and progressive house by blending his music with various musical influences. After starting his career off in Vancouver at the age of 18, Nicard0 seeks to tell his own stories through his music and have his audience follow him through the highs and lows of his life. Nicard0 promises to keep pushing the boundaries of his music and sharing his journey through sound. This year is setting up to be a massive year for Nicard0 with various EPs and singles releasing and preparing for an album.


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